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The principal purposes of the Burial Preservation Board are to protect from disturbance or destruction human skeletal remains, burial sites, and burial materials found on state and private lands in Montana and to resolve claims for repatriation of human
skeletal remains and funerary objects.

HB 126 Bill Signing
Back Row: Senator Cliff Larsen, Director Sheila Hogan,
Deputy Director Mike Manion, Chair Dr. Ruthann Knudson
Front Row: Representative Rae Peppers, Governor Steve Bullock

Human Skeletal Remains and Burial Sites

The Burial Preservation Pamphlet (accessed by clicking link below) outlines the statutes and procedures for the handling of human skeletal remains and burial sites. 


Below is a current list of coroners in the state of Montana. Links to the Montana Coroner's Association's "Coroner Directory" webpage. Opens in a new page.



The text of Montana's "Human Skeletal Remains and Burial Site Protection Act" can be found by clicking the link below:

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Meeting Information 


Montana Burial Preservation Board Members and Staff 


Standing: Rosemary Caye, Marilyn Silva, Stan Wilmoth, Richard Parenteau, Carl Davis, Mike Manion, Conrad Fisher

Seated: William Big Day,Chair; Skye Gilham, Vice Chair


Administrative Rules 

Administrative Rules Notices

MAR Notice Number Topics Addressed in Notice
2-65-480 Notice of Adoption and Transfer:  Repatriation of Human Skeletal Remains, Funerary Objects, and Burial Site Protection
2-65-480 Notice of Public Hearing on Proposed Adoption and Transfer:  Repatriation of Human Skeletal Remains, Funerary Objects, and Burial Site Protection


Montana Code Annotated

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Burial Preservation Board
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Phone:  (406) 638-1010
Email:  William.BigDay@crow-nsn.gov

Michael P. Manion, Chief Legal Counsel
PO Box 200101
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Phone: (406) 444-3310
Fax: (406) 444-6194
Email: mmanion@mt.gov

State Historic Preservation Office
Stan Wilmoth, State Archaeologist
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Email: swilmoth@mt.gov

Lauren Berka
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Burial Preservation Board Members